The StoneXpress Reflections line is an exclusive collection of marble and travertine stones and decorative accessory pieces. Selected for their natural beauty and durability, these stones have been polished to a high shine that will easily endure for many generations.

While browsing this collection you’ll discover an inspiring selection of natural stones and colorful accessories, complete with metal and glass accents. These pieces can be mixed and matched to create a custom design hat is a personal reflection of your style.

Stone Tiles

Stone Tiles: Available in two sizes, these tiles are suitable for many installation areas including floors, walls and shower or tub surrounds.

Mosaic Sheets

Mosaic Sheets: Available with or without glass accents, the mosaic sheets feature small stones that have been expertly assembled onto a mesh backing for easy installation.

Decorative Borders

Decorative Borders: Accents of stone and glass available in several sizes. These pieces are often used to separate one tile group from another within the installation design or simply to dress up any installation.

Chair Rails

Chair Rails: Used to transition from the stone installation to the wall or to finish off a stone counter top edge or bathtub surround.


Pencil Liners: Can be used in the same way as chair rails however, these pieces are uniquely suited to framing the decorative borders within the installation.